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Clothing That Reveals Air Pollution

Fashion forward or forward-thinking fashion? Two grad students have designed a hi-tech sweatshirt which features pink lungs or a red heart that reveal blue veins when exposed to dirty air. Nien Lam and 

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Package That Changes Color When Food Is Stale

Researchers in Scotland have developed a smart plastic packaging that could change color to indicate if the food had gone bad. Scientists at Glasgow’s University of Strathclyde say the plastic changes color if the food is…

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Local Hero: Pete’s Greens

[In the wake of their devastating fire early Wednesday morning, we send our best wishes to our friends Pete's Greens. Here's a link to make donations in support of their recovery and rebuild. We'll be posting…

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LTT Opinion

Front Desk? We have a problem.

We're getting set for our first TED x event, where we present our concepts for the "hotel room of tomorrow." First, here's what's wrong with the "hotel room of today."

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I Am- Trailer

Here's a stirring trailer of the new film, I Am, a prismatic and probing exploration of our world, what's wrong with it, and what we can do to make it better.

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ThinkEco’s Modlet

ThinkEco's modlet communicates with a PC and tracks how much energy electronics use and allows the user to schedule things to turn off at set times.

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