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The Perennial Plate’s ‘Real Food Road Trip’

Synergy is a wonderful thing! Chef/food entrepreneur/”real food” activist Daniel Klein has been celebrating many of the same ideas that inspire us, all via his The Perennial Plate, an online weekly documentary series dedicated to socially responsible and adventurous…

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Packaging: Single Serve Spaghetti

The concept of using single-serve packaging to reduce waste is nothing new. But a graphic design student in England- have you noticed all the good packaging ideas are coming from England these days? – may have cracked…

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Hug Your Farmer: Seeds of Better Food

In part 3 of our series, Tom Stearns explains how High Mowing Seeds grows more than 1000 varieties of vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for home gardeners and commercial growers to evaluate ones that thrive…

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NYT: New Generation of Farmers Emerges

There is an emerging generation of farmers that shun industrial, mechanized farming and list punk rock, Karl Marx and the food journalist Michael Pollan as their influences.

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Hug Your Farmer: The Real Cost of Better Foods

In the United States, we spend about 9% of our disposable income on our food. Thirty years ago that number was 15%, and seventy years ago that number was more than 25%. Industrial farming and massive distribution networks have lowered…

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Steve Jobs

Inspiration: Steve Jobs’ 2005 Commencement at Stanford

Perhaps you’ve seen this before. It’s become something of a tradition amongst Apple bloggers and diehards to repost this speech each year around Steve Jobs’ birthday- late last month, by the way, SJ turned 56. Jobs has said before…

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