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Design: All-Electric Wooden Tricycle

We’re always interested in that curious intersection between modern thinking and heritage design, such as Argentine designer Fernando Ponce’s zero emission electric bi-directional, retro tricycle.¬†Inspired by early 20th century classic tricycles, the design is built around a…

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Wind-Powered Cargo Ship

Wind-Powered Cargo Ships

It’s been more than a century since large industrial ships relied on wind power to cross the seas. German manufacturer SkySails is hoping to convince more shipping companies to rediscover the power of wind. It’s towing kite…

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Brands: Levi’s Commuter Cycling Series

We’ve profiled some impressive initiatives from Levi’s, from their “water-saving jeans” to adding tags that encourage customers to donate used Levi’s to the goodwill. Their latest move is a bike friendly line of…

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Volvo Ranked Top Sustainable Automaker…sort of

We like to read up on- but don’t always write about- the latest concept cars, the super-performing hybrids and the oddball inventions. In general, though, those cars are either

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green-roof-norway (8)

Scandinavia’s Green Roof Revival

The concept of a green roof is nothing new in Scandinavia, where homes have been covered with sod and bark since the age of the Vikings (and before). By the 19th century, modern materials (iron, slate, etc…)…

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flume lights

Discarded Trees > Lamps & Sconces

Check out these lamps and wall sconces made from discarded trees, designed by et al. Collaborative. Tree trunks and branches adorned by a single lightbulb.

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