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El Camino x Wood Burning Stove

Chevy introduced the El Camino in 1959, part pickup, part coupe, and it soon became (an ironic) classic. ‘El Camino’ means ‘the path’ or ‘the walk’ in Spanish, and now Finnish designer Juhas Sipilä is “walking the…

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Design: Van Alen Books

The world seems to be moving away from books, but Van Alen Books is making a statement. Not only does the new bookstore boast interesting green design elements (recycled doors turned into shelf space, benches, staircases…

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Watch: Bag It

Did you need another documentary telling you about how much plastic waste there is in this world? Well, yes, and it’s a good one. Bag It is airing now on National Public Television- click here

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Places: Hong Kong Honey

We’ve done a few posts on urban beekeeping- from a hotel rooftop apiary in Boston to a UK supermarket keeping bees to help pollenate local crops. The above video, via…

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Design: Paper Record Player

When artist/designer/tinkerer Kelli Anderson was asked by friends Karen and Mike to create a unique wedding invitation, the inspired end result was a Paper Record Player that played an original song. The resulting booklet is comprised of…

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Hug Your Farmer: New York City Farming

We spotted this great video about some enterprising NYCers trying to cultivate urban farms. [Source: Petrina TV] Nourishing NYC East Harlem nourishingnyc.org Brooklyn Grange Farm Queens brooklyngrangefarm.com Bobo Greenwich Village bobonyc.com People’s Garden NYC City Hall, Manhattan peoplesgardennyc.org

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