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Van Gogh Living Wall

National Gallery’s Living Wall & Van Gogh

We love the artistry and practicality of living walls. The National Gallery in London has taken it to the next level, with a replication of Van Gogh’s A Wheatfield, with Cypresses using over…

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Picture 2

Shipping Containers As Backdrop To Rio’s Tim Festival

It’s music festival time of year, and these days concert goers are getting a mix of music and green thinking. Festival organizers must consider the logistics of creating (and then dismantling) stages and structures for…

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Brands: Gucci’s Green Eyewear Collab

Can we indulge in life’s little luxuries and toe a greener line? Gucci is making a go of it, teaming up with eyewear producer Safilo for an August launch of four sustainable models of innovative acetate sunglasses.…

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Places: World’s First Solar Powered Town?

Last fall, we added a 40kW solar installation on our roof, with the idea that we could power all the computers, monitors and printers in our building with renewable energy. So it’s with considerable interest-…

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TED: Trash into Toys

We’ve always loved the TED series, and since our participation in TED x Taipei earlier this year gave us an inside look, we’re even more impressed. In this video from a recent conference in India,…

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Whole Foods

Brands: Whole Foods 1st to Rate Cleaners

Whole Foods Market will be the first retailer in the nation to have a tiered rating system for the household cleaning products it sells. The color-coded Eco-Scale Rating System will rank products – red, orange, yellow or…

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