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30 Million Reasons to Cheer For The Eagles

More innovative thinking in sports would be a good thing. The BCS needs a playoff. Baseball needs instant replay. Soccer should replace penalty shootouts with an overtime that saw one player from each team taken off every…

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Happy Thanksgiving from LTT

Time again to give thanks- should there really only be one day set aside for that?- and we’re certainly grateful for the tremendous feedback we’ve received this year about LTT, in particular about our OneDegree TV videos. As…

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Hug Your Farmer For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is one of the meals of the year. As you look across your table this Thursday, will you be able to trace all the food back to its source? Who grew it? What went into making it? It’s a…

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Top 10 Words of 2010

It’s Thanksgiving week, which means we’re starting to see annual Top 10 lists. One of our favorites is LiveScience’s Top 10 Words. Coming in at number 10, “simplexity” centers on the notion that simple-seeming things…

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LTT & The ‘City Inn Plus’ Hotel Project
Taipei, Taiwan

LTT & The ‘Taipei City Inn Plus’ Project from lovetomorrowtoday on Vimeo. In Taiwan, development usually means tearing down a building and putting up something new, not repurposing an old one. So, when we were approached to…

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The Majestic Plastic Bag: Mockumentary

It remains the classic ‘one degree change:’ not using a plastic bag. And because it’s a frequent subject on blogs such as this, any mention of ‘plastic bags’ can make the eyes glaze over a bit. Thankfully, Jeremy Irons and…

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