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Manhattan’s Skyline Gets Greener?

In a previous post, we mentioned how New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg has drafted some ambitious green initiatives, such as his mandate for an all-hybrid taxi fleet within three years. In another bold move, Bloomberg has…

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New Spin on Green Tourism: free cabs, emissions-free

If you’re like me, you’ve found yourself in this situation: you’ve been exploring a new city as a tourist for a few days, your feet are beginning to kill, and you do what you swore you’d never consider-…

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Here Comes The Sun

As we detailed in a previous post, some big retailers are seeing the financial, environmental and PR advantages of investing in renewable energy, especially in the form of solar power. On a global scale, solar power is…

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Imagining a Post-Green World

Editor’s Note: We particularly enjoy the insights and articles on worldchanging.com, a blog on sustainability and social innovation. Founder Alex Steffen leads a team of editors and writers that have helped put the site at the forefront of…

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Retailers Explore Renewable Energy

The sun is shining a little brighter on some of today’s largest retailers, as many of them are exploring the benefits of renewable energies like solar and wind power. Big players like Whole Foods, Ikea,…

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The Green Business Report Card

Our primary focus on this forum is the discussion of products and ideas that promote simple and realistic change in an individual’s life. But because we focus on everyday lifestyle choices, we also keep an eye trained…

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