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“Dear Abby,” only greener

Ever wondered if using a fan really is more eco-friendly than turning on the AC? Or whether the process for mining the nickel in the battery of that Prius you’re thinking about buying makes the whole proposition a…

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Environmentalism- most diverse social movement in history

An article published early last month, by the ecologist/writer George Monbiot, triggered some interesting discussions around here. In a response to Judith Burchill’s criticism of environmentalism (as an upper middle class obsession and nothing…

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Solar-powered Bus Stops

Florida isn’t called the ‘sunshine state’ for nothing! Fuel Miami LLC, an ‘out-of-home advertising‘ company, is installing 600 solar-powered bus shelters throughout the city of Miami. The media company, which is a subsidiary of…

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100% Hybrid By 2020?

A new study suggests that by the year 2020 all new cars will be hybrids. Can there be such a wholesale shift in the automotive ecosystem in just 12 years? According to IBM’s Institute for

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Wineries Getting Greener

California’s wine industry is going greener. While wrestling with the contradictions inherent in ‘green wine-making,’ many wineries are experimenting with a variety of sustainable practices, from harnessing solar power, to reducing reliance on large machinery, to…

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College Cafeterias Drop The Tray

In an effort to conserve water, many college campuses across the U.S. are dropping the use of trays from their cafeterias. Faced with severe droughts, schools like Georgia Tech and University of Florida have…

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