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Electric-car “filling stations” for Europe

It was a big week for imagining the future of Europe’s roadways. In an earlier post, we looked at the European Council’s backing of standardized hydrogen technology on new cars and a proposed network of hydrogen…

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Eco-Rigs, offshore power plants

In a related story to our previous post on the proposed North Sea “transnational power grid,” scientists in Japan are exploring the feasibility of an ambitious off-shore network of floating power plants. According to the scientists…

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E.U. backs network of hydrogen filling stations

The European Parliament voted this week to approve new standards for hydrogen cars and buses and backed a Europe-wide network of hydrogen filling stations. The rigid new regulations are designed to support the growth of hydrogen…

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Tapping Wind of North Sea, to power 70 million homes

The European Union is considering plans for a transnational power grid that would use renewable energy sources to provide power to an estimated 70 million homes. The proposed 3,850 mile offshore grid would connect more than 100…

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Concrete Plans to Cut C02

Brent Constantz, a Stanford Professor, has invented a new type of concrete that could eliminate a significant source of the world’s C02.  2.5 billion tons of hydraulic cement is produced worldwide annually, producing roughly 5% of the…

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Toss The Penny

A look at the ‘penny debate‘ from an eco-perspective: “Pennies make pounds!” my mother used to say, stressing the importance of saving. The lesson, of course, was that small things, over time, grow to be big…

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