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X Prize Offers $25k For Your Bright Green Idea!

Got a video camera and a world-changing idea? In the latest example of eco-philanthropy, The X PRIZE Foundation, an educational non-profit that designs and administers competitions with prizes of $10 million or more, is launching a…

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MTV’s Green Branch

Some of us here at Love Tomorrow Today are old enough to remember when MTV was a music channel. We heard our news ‘first!’ from the likes of Kurt Loder and Tabitha Soren

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Discover Magazine’s Top 10 Everyday Technologies That Can Change The World

Discover Magazine has put out it’s ‘Top 10 Everyday Technologies That Can Change The World,’ and we thought we’d include it here. From ‘dirt energy’ to sugarcane charcoal, it’s an interesting list of ideas.

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Molecular Green

We always feel smarter when we read Joel Makower’s articles for Greenbiz. Here’s a recent post about Green Chemistry, the science of addressing pollution prevention at the molecular level. It gets a tad technical, so we’ll let Joel explain the…

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Addressing The Dressing Room Dilemma

8 Billion Plastic Hangers in Landfills Each Year Each year, an estimated 8 billion unrecyclable plastic hangers and more than 3.5 million wire hangers end up in landfills, enough to fill almost five Empire State Buildings. The vast…

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Changing the Nature of Catalogs

Junk mail in the United States accounts for roughly 20% of all the world’s mail. Each year, more than 20 billion catalogs are produced in the United States alone. Many of them are unsolicited, most end up…

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