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Would A Bullet Train Fly In The U.S.?

We were reading Mike Chino’s post on Inhabitat yesterday about Kawasaki‘s plans for a new, faster, more energy-efficient bullet train in Japan. Besting the previous speed record of 186 mph, the new, so-called “Environmentally…

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Salty Dogs Go Green?

One of the many environmental consequences of the fishing industry is the waste and broken gear that is often left in a boat’s wake- sometimes accidentally, sometimes not. Lobster traps break, ropes and nets tangle, plastic lines…

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The Beauty Of Sustainability

Last month we posted a piece from WorldChanging.com on ‘Imagining A Post-Green World.’ Alex Steffen and the folks there asked their readers to imagine a world where sustainability had been achieved. At Love Tomorrow Today, we focus…

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Norweigan Wood! $1B pledge to save rainforest

Norway is the latest in a growing list of countries to contribute to efforts to save the Brazilian rainforest. Japan, Sweden, Germany, South Korea and Switzerland are expected to follow soon with pledges of their own.…

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Recycling That Other ‘Stuff’

There’s no going back. We live in a world that’s tuned in, turned on and wirelessly connected! We acrue gear- the Wii, the iPhone, the iPod, the remote control(s), the television, the DVD player, the computer, the printer,…

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Young British Drivers To Be Given Eco-Test

In addition to demonstrating their parking skills and knowledge of the driver’s handbook, young drivers in Britain will be tested on a new skill: eco-driving. The new test has been introduced by the Driving Standards Agency

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