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Second Lives: Remixing The Ordinary

One of the cornerstones of sustainability is the concept of reuse. Waste, whether it’s as a by-product of our energy consumption or from energetically buying products, can have a second life. At Love Tomorrow Today, we have what…

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Schools Get Graded On Green

Move over US News & World Report, here comes GreenReportCard.org! In its recently published College Sustainability Report Card, the site grades colleges and universities in their commitment to sustainability. The report, put out by the

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Cultivating An Urban Community Farm

A non-profit based in Wisconsin is putting a new, organic, sustainable twist on that old proverb on self-sufficiency, ‘give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for life.’…

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Predicting Problems In Weather Predictions

Since the 18th century, farmer’s almanacs have offered their readers a host of useful tidbits, from tide tables to astronomical data, recipes to gardening tips, anecdote and quotes. But these almanacs are perhaps best known for their…

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Can The U.S. Learn From…Samso?

There’s been a lot of talk during this election year about energy independence. For some, it’s an issue of national security. For others, it’s a matter of economics. Still others see a more nuanced reality,…

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Volunteers Cleanup California Coast

This past Saturday, an estimated 55,634 volunteers came together at 750 sites along the California coast for the annual coastal cleanup. The event, sponsored by the California Coastal Commission (CCC), is one of the world’s largest…

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