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Help From Above? Vatican Goes Solar

In an effort to make Vatican City the world’s first carbon zero state, the Vatican has installed solar panels on the roof of the Papal audience hall, the Paul VI auditorium. The 2700 solar panels, capable of producing 300,000 kW…

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Ted Turner: “The way you save the environment is by a lot of little steps”

Check out Ted Turner talking about greening his restaurants with The Boston Globe Magazine here. The guy created Captain Planet in 1990 – nuff said.

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Opinion: Wall Street’s Meltdown & The Environment

A crucial component of any environmental philosophy has to be optimism. At Love Tomorrow Today, our optimism is informed by an understanding of the real challenges we face and shaped by our belief that people everywhere want to,…

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Brands: The New Pepsi Challenge

Plastic bottles are close to our heart, so it was good to see Pepsi North America launch The Pepsi Eco Challenge as a way to highlight their sustainable efforts, as well as encourage consumers to be…

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Phone Tracks C02 Footprint While Mobile

It’s hard to imagine life before mobile phones, particularly when traveling. When on the go, a cell phone has become as basic an accessory as a pair of shoes. Just think of the chorus of beeps and buzzes…

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New Power Projects Make Waves

Like to the Pontic Sea, Whose icy current and compulsive course Ne'er knows retiring ebbs, but keeps due on (Shakespeare, Othello, III, iii) Poets have long marveled at the enormous power of the ocean. In the past…

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