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Melting Ice Caps Not All That Bad?

Last year, researchers at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) made a controversial claim- the melting ice caps might not be all bad. In their study, and in a related study from Stanford…

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Reds, Blues and…Greens?
Will the Environment Be A Factor on November 4th?

In a recent poll in Canada, 88% of voters identified the environment as a factor in deciding on a candidate. The number is much smaller in this country, but this election may mark a (green) turning point.…

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The Cleaner, Greener Freezer!

I’ll admit it. I’ll come out and just say, I love Ben & Jerry’s! Phish Food? C’mon! Chubby Hubby? Oh man! Ok, I’m getting side-tracked. Thanks to a new collaboration between the VT-based ice cream maker and…

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Friedman’s Call For A Green Revolution

In his previous book, The World Is Flat, Thomas Friedman focused on the forces that are shaping the new world economy and the leveling the playing field of global business and competition. His newest work, Hot,

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I ♥ Plastic

Since I’ve become a Dad, I find myself reading the Sunday papers deep into the week, and I am still loving the Boston Globe Magazine’s Greener Issue. Not only did an eco-friendly Vermont

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Fighting Waste: City Harvest

Founded in 1982, City Harvest is the world’s first, and NYC’s only Food Rescue Program. Tackling transportation for 25 years, they’ve taken advantage of the fastest way to get anywhere in Manhattan – bike. Read more on…

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