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Empire State To Go 100% Wind Power

The 102-story landmark will buy 100% of its power from wind farms owned by Green Mountain Energy Company.

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Smart Fridge

The Fridge That Helps Plan Meals

You may have spotted one of our LTT Picks for 2010, the electronic milk jug that tells you whether the milk is fresh or sour. Here’s another concept to look forward to, a smart refrigerator that would…

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TED: A vision for sustainable restaurants

To kick off 2011, and to set the table for our own collab with TEDx Taipei later this month [stay tuned for more about that!], we share a compelling talk from British entrepreneur/eco-warrior Arthur Potts Dawson about his very…

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LTT Picks 2010: Electronic Milk Jug

Here in the United States, we throw out an estimated 16 billion pounds of milk each year. A new hi-tech milk jug might help reduce that waste.

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LTT Picks 2010: Bendy Bike

Another of our favorite concepts of 2010 was the Bendy Bike, the bike that doubles as a bike lock. Designed by Kevin Scott, the bendable bike has segmented sections that allows the bike to wrap completely around a pole, small…

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LTT Picks 2010: Roving Green Roof

One of our favorite concepts of 2010 was Marco Castro Cosio’s roving green roof project, Bus Roots. As we noted then, more than half the world’s population now lives in cities, but increasingly urbanization doesn’t…

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