Plastic Bag Ban in California?

Yesterday’s post sparked some interesting emails. The post- on Cleveland’s plan to monitor how much its residents recycle and to fine those who do not- raises the question ‘should government force people to go green?’ We’ve examined…



Cleveland’s recycling plans: ‘neighborly nudge’ or ‘big brother’

Starting next year, the city of Cleveland will introduce a $2.5 million hi-tech recycling monitoring system that has residents divided. Is it an example of forward-thinking city governance, nudging residents towards habits that serve the greater good? Or…



Fashion Forward: Zero-Waste In Design

These days, going green is fashionable. Literally. In recent years, an increasingly vocal segment of the fashion industry has been quietly experimenting with innovative design techniques with the aim of achieving ‘zero-waste design.’ The idea is to create…


Not Far From The Tree: residential fruit picking

Not Far From The Tree – a slideshow history from Not Far From The Tree on Vimeo. As the saying goes, nothing is certain but death and taxes. Really? What about crab apples? They have become the…



Nature: Can Science Feed The World?

We don’t often repost entire articles, but after we read Nature’s series ‘Can Science Feed The World,’ we’re doing just that. As the science mag explains, “more than one billion people go hungry today, and the…



The PowerPad: harnessing the energy of your shower

The Chinese household appliance giant Haier has unveiled a new system at SinoCES that harnesses waste heat from shower water and transfers energy to the hot water tank. The PowerPad, as it’s called, captures 15% of…