PepsiCo’s new ‘i-crop farming technology’

PepsiCo is testing a new web-based crop management system that allows farmers to monitor, manage and reduce their water waste and carbon emissions while optimizing crop yield. The technology has been developed in partnership with Cambridge…

NYC, back in the day


Horse-drawn Garbage Carts

In the medieval town of Peyrestortes, and dozens of other French villages like it, the squeaking brakes and grinding gears of garbage trucks have been replaced by the clip clop of horses’ hooves. These towns now enjoy…


OneDegreeTV: Heritage Aviation
‘a smarter, greener building’

Aviation is an energy intensive industry, accounting for roughly 3% of global carbon emissions. Manufacturers are developing greener aircraft, exploring alternatives to fossil fuels and looking for ways to recycle planes slated for retirement. Many airlines now…



“Monkey see, Monkey do” more

What makes people make one degree changes? How do we nudge people toward those greener choices? The answer, it seems, is ‘peer pressure.’ According to a number of recent studies, when we see others around…


Brands: Stonyfield Farm’s new corn-based packaging

What happens when a company’s green innovation threatens to compromise one of its core principles? Stonyfield Farm, the organic yogurt company, has been a leader in responsible practices for years and is deeply committed to organic farming. But while its…



Giants in Recycling

The San Francisco Giants have surprised a lot of people this season, which saw them edge out the San Diego Padres to win the National League West on the last day of the regular season. After…