ThinkEco’s Modlet

ThinkEco's modlet communicates with a PC and tracks how much energy electronics use and allows the user to schedule things to turn off at set times.

Smart Fridge


The Fridge That Helps Plan Meals

You may have spotted one of our LTT Picks for 2010, the electronic milk jug that tells you whether the milk is fresh or sour. Here’s another concept to look forward to, a smart refrigerator that would…



TED: A vision for sustainable restaurants

To kick off 2011, and to set the table for our own collab with TEDx Taipei later this month [stay tuned for more about that!], we share a compelling talk from British entrepreneur/eco-warrior Arthur Potts Dawson about his very…



“Against Dumb” Purchases

The psychology of shopping is fascinating- how marketing can influence buying decisions, how product placement in a store can convert into sales. The sensory barrage is different online than in a store, but are we more or less likely…

potted trees


Renting Your Christmas Tree

There are a lot of ideas out there for ‘greening your holiday traditions.’ Some of them (“don’t travel to see your family”, “don’t buy any stuff”, etc…) aren’t likely to catch on. Then there are the ideas…

Shopping Cart Tree


Shopping Cart Christmas Tree

File this under ‘a new spin on an old classic.’ Artist Anthony Schmitt has created a 33-foot-tall holiday tree by stacking old shopping carts. The Christmas Tree is made out of mostly full size carts,…