Eco-Rigs, offshore power plants

In a related story to our previous post on the proposed North Sea “transnational power grid,” scientists in Japan are exploring the feasibility of an ambitious off-shore network of floating power plants. According to the scientists…


E.U. backs network of hydrogen filling stations

The European Parliament voted this week to approve new standards for hydrogen cars and buses and backed a Europe-wide network of hydrogen filling stations. The rigid new regulations are designed to support the growth of hydrogen…


Tapping Wind of North Sea, to power 70 million homes

The European Union is considering plans for a transnational power grid that would use renewable energy sources to provide power to an estimated 70 million homes. The proposed 3,850 mile offshore grid would connect more than 100…


Concrete Plans to Cut C02

Brent Constantz, a Stanford Professor, has invented a new type of concrete that could eliminate a significant source of the world’s C02.  2.5 billion tons of hydraulic cement is produced worldwide annually, producing roughly 5% of the…


Solar-powered Bus Stops

Florida isn’t called the ‘sunshine state’ for nothing! Fuel Miami LLC, an ‘out-of-home advertising‘ company, is installing 600 solar-powered bus shelters throughout the city of Miami. The media company, which is a subsidiary of…


100% Hybrid By 2020?

A new study suggests that by the year 2020 all new cars will be hybrids. Can there be such a wholesale shift in the automotive ecosystem in just 12 years? According to IBM’s Institute for