Solar: More Efficient… and Closer?

While the question with solar is always “How much?” some nano-engineering students at RPI have developed an anti-reflective coating to make solar cells capture the full light spectrum – 96% to be precise – from all…


Ricoh Adds Some Green To Times Square

With its bright lights and bustling of activity, Times Square is, in many ways, the energetic center of Manhattan, but it’s also its epicenter of consumption. Its mention wouldn’t necessarily make you think of the green revolution. But…



Solar Power In Numbers: 1BOG Launches in 20 Cities

Residential solar power sounds great, especially with the rising costs of “dirty electrical” power. But solar is still prohibitively expensive for most people. Enter 1 Block Off The Grid, a community-based purchasing program aimed at promoting widespread…



Places: Flint, Michigan, A Hub of Green Transportation?

Few cities have been hit harder by the decline of the US auto industry than Flint, Michigan. As Detroit’s car makers fumble and falter, due in large part to their stubborn reluctance to be innovators in green…



TIME Recognizes Green Inventions of 2008

Among TIME Magazine‘s just published list of the Best Inventions of 2008, we find ten directly related to issues of sustainability. There may well be others, but I’m not really sure what the world’s largest particle accelerator…



Making The Future A ‘Better Place’

During the era of the Space Race, the popular conception of the 21st century was one of flying cars, moon colonies and robot butlers. Next year will mark 40 years since man first walked on the moon- we…