Turning Plastic Bottles Into Solar Light Bulbs

Very Interesting Use of Plastic Bottle This may be the most resourceful use of an old Pepsi bottle we’ve ever seen. An initiative in the Philippines called ‘Liter of Light’ from the MyShelter Foundation aims to…



Places: World’s First Solar Powered Town?

Last fall, we added a 40kW solar installation on our roof, with the idea that we could power all the computers, monitors and printers in our building with renewable energy. So it’s with considerable interest-…



El Camino x Wood Burning Stove

Chevy introduced the El Camino in 1959, part pickup, part coupe, and it soon became (an ironic) classic. ‘El Camino’ means ‘the path’ or ‘the walk’ in Spanish, and now Finnish designer Juhas Sipilä is “walking the…


Design: Paper Record Player

When artist/designer/tinkerer Kelli Anderson was asked by friends Karen and Mike to create a unique wedding invitation, the inspired end result was a Paper Record Player that played an original song. The resulting booklet is comprised of…



Design: All-Electric Wooden Tricycle

We’re always interested in that curious intersection between modern thinking and heritage design, such as Argentine designer Fernando Ponce’s zero emission electric bi-directional, retro tricycle. Inspired by early 20th century classic tricycles, the design is built around a…

Wind-Powered Cargo Ship


Wind-Powered Cargo Ships

It’s been more than a century since large industrial ships relied on wind power to cross the seas. German manufacturer SkySails is hoping to convince more shipping companies to rediscover the power of wind. It’s towing kite…