The Majestic Plastic Bag: Mockumentary

It remains the classic ‘one degree change:’ not using a plastic bag. And because it’s a frequent subject on blogs such as this, any mention of ‘plastic bags’ can make the eyes glaze over a bit. Thankfully, Jeremy Irons and…



Lose Saturday Mail Delivery

With the President’s National Committee on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform looking for ways to cut spending and eliminate waste, we thought we’d weigh in and revisit an LTT suggestion from earlier this year. Let’s cut Saturday mail…


OneDegreeTV: Hug Your Farmer!

Everyday, we make decisions about the foods we eat. But where does that food come from? Who grows it? What goes into it? Really for the first time in history, it’s a question that’s difficult for most people to answer.…



Brands: Levi Strauss’s Water-saving Jeans

Comfort comes at a price. A typical pair of jeans, for example, is washed up to ten times to give it its ‘broken in’ appearance and feel. That’s roughly 42 liters of water per pair…



When Holiday Rituals Need Tweaking

Holidays are, by their nature, not great…for nature. It’s a time for travel, consuming more than we do otherwise and celebrating traditions that mostly originated before a modern eco-aesthetic. And we love them! But can we tweak…



SF Bans The Happy Meal Toy?

Stalinist plot to deprive kids of the perks of eating fast food? Or a sensible move to minimize dust-collecting landfill fodder? The San Francisco Board of Supervisors has voted to ban toy giveaways in meals…