Take The Bus, Get a Block Party

Tom Petty said it best, the wait IS the hardest part. He may not have been talking about sitting at a bus stop, but the wait is a turn off for some would-be bus…

Shopping Cart Tree


Shopping Cart Christmas Tree

File this under ‘a new spin on an old classic.’ Artist Anthony Schmitt has created a 33-foot-tall holiday tree by stacking old shopping carts. The Christmas Tree is made out of mostly full size carts,…



Speed Camera Lottery

How about winning the lottery for driving the speed limit? That’s the winning idea of Volkswagen’s campaign “The Fun Theory,” which is “dedicated to the thought that something as simple as fun is the easiest…



Hotel Rewards Smart Travel Choices

Cambridge, MA is synonymous with intelligence. Home to MIT and Harvard, the city is practically a ‘smart idea’ factory. But this particular smart idea comes from the Charles Hotel, which has developed an array of…



30 Million Reasons to Cheer For The Eagles

More innovative thinking in sports would be a good thing. The BCS needs a playoff. Baseball needs instant replay. Soccer should replace penalty shootouts with an overtime that saw one player from each team taken off every…


Happy Thanksgiving from LTT

Time again to give thanks- should there really only be one day set aside for that?- and we’re certainly grateful for the tremendous feedback we’ve received this year about LTT, in particular about our OneDegree TV videos. As…