NYC- Bloomberg Calls For Plastic Bag Tax

New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg is helping to place the city at the forefront of urban green thinking. The newest initiative is a proposed 6 cent tax on the use of plastic bags. Other cities in the U.S.…


Places: The Future of The Manhattan Skyline

The bright lights of New York on a motion sensor? The skyline, the classic image of a tiny island with tall skyscrapers huddled together with their lights on all night, has long been an indelible trademark of the Big…



re-Cycle of Life: Monks Build Temple Out of Million Bottles

Talk about rebirth! Buddhist monks at a temple in Thailand are considering the cycle (recycle?) of life in a new way. Located in Thailand’s Sisaket province, about 600 km (370 miles) northeast of Bangkok, the Wat Pa



The UK Looks Forward

God Save The Queen (Green)! Defying expectations that ambitious carbon emissions standards would be among the first victims of the recent global economic meltdown, the UK has announced its commitment to cutting 80% of its emissions by…



Places: Boston Children’s Museum, The Green Museum

When the Boston Children’s Museum reopened its doors on April 14th, 2007, after a $47 million expansion and renovation project, it was a clear step forward for sustainability in education. The museum has received LEED Gold certification…



Places: Shanghai Bike-Sharing

Sean Leow of PSFK Shanghai and Neocha blogged recently on Shanghai’s new bike sharing program, launched in preparation for the 2010 World Expo – “Better City, Better Life.” Currently set-up as a trial…