Bay vs. Bag

Love Tomorrow Today was born out of a conversation about plastic waste. With one trillion plastic bags consumed worldwide each year, and 45 billion plastic bottles ending in U.S. landfills annually, it’s a problem we all need to get…

Counter Balance


The Weird On The Street

The NY Auto Show is still in full swing, but I’m going out on a limb to say we’ve already seen the weirdest entry, the Counter Balance from Barkan Designs. Speaking of swinging,…

surfboard 1


A New Wave: Eden Project’s Sustainable Surfboard

You might not expect England to be the site of a ‘revolutionary’ moment in surfing, but thanks to the staff at Eden Project, the massive bio-dome and ecology experiment in south west England, there’s a…


Here Goes Mutton: Baa-hind The Scenes of Sheep Art

It’s like they say, mutton ventured, mutton gained. Oh the ewemanity! Was this post solely an opportunity to go off the sheep end with bad puns? Possibly, but this video, made by the BaaStuds


Nano: small car, huge missed opportunity?

Tata Motors, India’s largest automaker, has unveiled its highly anticipated new car, The Nano. Touted as “the people’s car,” the Nano will be available for under $2000 (100,000 rupees) and, according to Tata Motors, will…


Rothbury Festival: mixing music and green thinking

Ever seen Michael Wadleigh’s famous film of Woodstock? It’s a dizzying, mesmerizing look at a game-changing cultural event, the massive, mud-soaked, drug-induced gathering of 32 bands and nearly 500,000 people in upstate NY…