Save Energy…And Your Shins

Here’s another interesting idea via the design blog Yanko, this one from designer Cheol Min Park. The “Saving Energy And Safety Line Glow Tape”- may we suggest a catchier name?- is a sticky tape that glows…


Play Again: “a childhood removed from Nature”

It’s hard to talk about the excesses of our technology addiction without sounding like an old fogey. We love technology, and we love the future possibilities it helps us envision. But, as this video reminds us, inspiring our children…


Los Angeles Re-Imagined

For most people who visit the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles, the lasting impression is often traffic. Cars, smog, concrete… these are as indelible to the landscape as the Hollywood sign, sunshine and botox. But is the traffic…



Can Shoe Power heel climate change?

Heel? Anyone? We love the concept of capturing the kinetic energy of our daily movements. We, of course, champion bold action and support anyone who educates, innovates and incubates ideas of sustainability.  But sometimes the ‘ask’ is…


OneDegreeTV: VT’s first “certified green” restaurant

Magnolia: Vermont’s first “certified green” restaurant from lovetomorrowtoday on Vimeo. LTT’s One Degree TV visits Magnolia Bistro in Burlington, VT to see how Vermont’s first “certified green” restaurant is making it work. Co-owners July Sanders…



Recylcing as Therapy?

It turns out recycling is good for us. Well, we always knew it was good for the planet, but it seems it can also be good for our emotional well-being, at least according to David Belt, a developer with a…