The Bendy Bike

“Wrapping your bike around a lamppost” used to suggest some gruesome accident. But thanks to Kevin Scott’s new Bendy Bike, it’s not always a bad thing. Scott has designed a bike that doubles as a bike lock. In…



Bike Chain Wall Clock

Ahhh, July 4th weekend. If you’re lucky, you avoided traffic, ate an entire watermelon, didn’t blow a finger off lighting a bottle rocket and- if you’re really lucky- didn’t have to look at your watch once. For most…


The man behind OK Go’s ‘Rube Goldberg machine’

When OK Go was planning its most recent viral video (profiled on this blog back in March), the band enlisted the help of Adam Sadowsky, president of Syyn Labs which has a reputation for merging art…



Solar Camera Strap

As solar technology advances, we’re seeing more ways to harness the sun’s rays to recharge everyday appliances. From the practical, such as iPhone covers that have photovoltaic panels- although, I’d like to talk to someone who’s successfully…


Green Satire: UCB’s ‘Coffee Spill’

As we noted earlier this month, BP’s Deep Horizon oil spill appears to be the worst man-made environmental disaster of our lifetime. The damage to the Gulf Coast, the ecosystem, the economy, people’s lives, is difficult to…

bottomless bowl


The Lessons of the Bottomless Bowl

As Brian Wansink explains in his book, Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We Think, it’s remarkable how little thought goes into what we eat, why we eat it and how we eat it. Now,…