Sun Chips: Green, yes. But noisy!

Kermit said it best. It’s not easy being green. Forward-thinking companies can blaze a green trail, knowing that, in most cases, a “better” product is better business. But, ultimately, the marketplace will decide if an idea’s time has…



The Roving Green Roof

In May, we did a post on the rise of “Guerilla Gardening.” As we noted then, more than half the world’s population now lives in cities, but increasingly urbanization doesn’t necessarily mean a complete break from…



Your Balcony As Your Wind/Solar Farm

In July, we did a post on a new high-rise, London’s Strata SE1, which has been touted as the world’s first skyscraper to have electricity-generating wind turbines built into its core design. The building stands 42 stories…


Steven Johnson: Where Good Ideas Come From

In a recent TED presentation, Steven Johnson examines “where good ideas come from,” which happens also to be the name of his new book on the ‘natural history of innovation.’ The ideal environment for a…



“Ambient Marketing” Goes Green

Street-art in brand advertising isn’t a new concept- groups like ALT TERRAIN specialize in hand-painted, one-of-a-kind, street-level outdoor advertising murals for the likes of Motorola, Microsoft and Disney. But while these pieces invite buzz, they…


TED: Iyengar on ‘ideas about choice’

In the video above, Sheena Iyengar discusses her groundbreaking research on ideas of choice- how we make choices and how we feel about the choices we make. In this TED presentation, she talks about both trivial choices (Coke…