Happy Thanksgiving from LTT

Time again to give thanks- should there really only be one day set aside for that?- and we’re certainly grateful for the tremendous feedback we’ve received this year about LTT, in particular about our OneDegree TV videos. As…



Stackable CityCars

A tip of the hat to the late William J. Mitchell, who until his death in June of this year directed Media Lab‘s Smart Cities Group at MIT. One of his ideas, the…


OneDegreeTV: Hug Your Farmer!

Everyday, we make decisions about the foods we eat. But where does that food come from? Who grows it? What goes into it? Really for the first time in history, it’s a question that’s difficult for most people to answer.…



Inspiration: Laurent Laveder’s ‘Moon Games’

VPR‘s Jane Lindholm turned us on to these images from Laurent Laveder, featured on the NPR blog ‘The Picture Show.’ Laveder, a landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist, has provided images…

sideways bike


SideWaysBike puts a new spin on the morning commute

While this may not qualify as a game-changing innovation, the SidewaysBike is as good a way to start the week as any. The quirky invention- watch some videos here- from Irish cyclist/tinkerer Michael Killian…



Bee Mystery Solved?

Just how important are bees to our well-being? The mystery of widespread “colony collapse disorder” (CCD)- a disease that has wiped out 20 to 40 percent of bee colonies since 2006- has inspired an unlikely partnership between military scientists and…