When a little goes a long way- OK Go

For those who haven’t seen this remarkable video, it’s worth a few minutes of your time. For my money, OK Go has cornered the market on innovative, low budget/high concept music videos. The above video along with…



What We All Can Learn from Shaun White

With the Olympics behind us, the analysis begins. What can Sochi learn from Vancouver? Has ice dancing jumped the shark entirely? Is Bob Costas turning into the little guy from…



Green Mountain Coffee and Ashoka’s Changemakers Launch “Revelation to Action” Competition

Green Mountain Coffee is one our favorite examples of a company who’s success is shaped by a commitment to responsible choices. Free trade is just the beginning, as the company works to “brew a better world,” with a…



Trace of Time

Innovation is by definition a step forward- new technologies, new ways of doing, seeing, thinking and so on. But sometimes a creative re-imagining of something old makes us love taking a step back. Exhibit…



Design: Window Refrigerator

Your fridge is cramping your eco-style, I’m afraid. Anyway you cut it, the fridge uses more energy than any of your other household appliances. There have been considerable improvements, of course- to qualify for EPA’s Energy Star,…


Not all brands are created equal

Apple has definitely taken some ribbing for its new iPad- the name, partnership with AT&T, no built-in camera, etc…- but the iPod wasn’t universally embraced when it was launched in 2001. And yet, here we are, 9…