The man behind OK Go’s ‘Rube Goldberg machine’

When OK Go was planning its most recent viral video (profiled on this blog back in March), the band enlisted the help of Adam Sadowsky, president of Syyn Labs which has a reputation for merging art…



Solar Camera Strap

As solar technology advances, we’re seeing more ways to harness the sun’s rays to recharge everyday appliances. From the practical, such as iPhone covers that have photovoltaic panels- although, I’d like to talk to someone who’s successfully…



Green Designers Say, “Save Our Seoul”

The plucky South Koreans were overwhelmed yesterday by Argentina, 4-1, under the incessant drone of the vuvuzelas. In South Africa, Maradona’s side is the class of world soccer. Eight thousand miles away, in Seoul, the Koreans…


Los Angeles Re-Imagined

For most people who visit the urban sprawl that is Los Angeles, the lasting impression is often traffic. Cars, smog, concrete… these are as indelible to the landscape as the Hollywood sign, sunshine and botox. But is the traffic…



LTT Opinion: We Need To Sell It Better

The fact is that we need to be better at selling “better.” Beyond green tech, green products, green causes, green politics, we need to sell a more considered life. Studies show, overwhelmingly, that when we as consumers know more…


Greener Footsteps…Literally

Inspired by a ‘living art’ exhibit at the Beijing Games, ad agency DDB China Group recently took over a city crosswalk and placed a large canvas featuring a leafless tree on the road to illustrate a point: walking…