The Copenhagen Wheel: magic hubcap for any bicycle

In our last post, we described Graham Hill’s ThinBike as one fewer excuse not to ride a bicycle. The sleek design, which allows the handlebars to twist and lock sideways and the pedals to fold down, makes the bike…



Urban Frenzy & “Tranquil Restoration”

One of the great moments in urban planning came in 1853 when the New York legislature designated a 700-acre area from 59th to 106th Streets for the creation of the park. A decade earlier, Andrew Jackson Downing,…



Cardboard Chic

Designer Tim May is asking ‘Can Cardboard Cut it?’ That’s the name of his recent project, which includes an innovative furniture design made of 100% recyclable and already-recycled corrugated cardboard and stainless steel threaded rods and…


Mitchell Joachim at TED: Don’t build your home, grow it!

“Why grow homes?” famed architect Mitchell Joachim asks in a recent TED presentation. “Because we can.” In the above clip, Joachim presents his vision for sustainable, organic architecture: eco-friendly homes and villages made from plants and, uh, well…meat. These…



Glowing Wallpaper

“Honey, don’t forget to turn off the wallpaper when you come upstairs!” Sounds like a drunken non sequitur, but, thanks to a team of Swedish and American scientists, those words might actually be reasonably uttered someday soon. The…



Bike Chain Wall Clock

Ahhh, July 4th weekend. If you’re lucky, you avoided traffic, ate an entire watermelon, didn’t blow a finger off lighting a bottle rocket and- if you’re really lucky- didn’t have to look at your watch once. For most…