Motivated By The Impossible- flying around the world on solar-power

Circumnavigating the Earth in a hot-air balloon was just an opening act. For his next feat, to begin the new decade, adventurer Bertrand Piccard is motivated by what seems impossible. In this presentation from TED, Piccard (the…



LTT Looks Back on 2009

2009 was an interesting year! We looked at Neckties made from recycled cassette tapes, the rise of “Smart Grid-compatible” appliances, the coolest band in the world (U2) having a massive carbon footprint


The Next Decade: Smarter Cities

We may be Macs at Love Tomorrow Today, but we’re quick to acknowledge that Apple doesn’t have a lock on innovation. IBM has unveiled a list of impressive innovations that could to change how people live, work and play…



Ben & Jerry’s: Corporate Whimsy In Design

For inspiration, LTT often need look no further than our own backyard. Burlington, VT, where this blog originates, has quietly established itself as a wellspring of innovative thinking, with local companies like