Brands: True Body Soap

As a Vermont-based blog, we’re always happy to promote a good Vermont idea, and, thankfully, this state boasts a lot them. From Seventh Generation to Gardener’s Supply, Burton Snowboards to


Making Boston More Bike-Friendly

For all Boston’s great qualities- rich with historical treasures from Faneuil hall to Fenway- it has to be the worst city to drive in. Even my Garmin GPS moans as we drive east on the Mass turnpike. As the…


Science of Accuracy

Let’s take a moment to recognize the Super Bowl champs. We at LTT, like 106.5 million others- the largest TV audience in U.S. history- enjoyed watching the Saints and Colts last Sunday. But before quarterback Drew Brees…


Darn Tough: an old idea in a new economy

We tend to focus on new ideas and how they might shape our tomorrow. But from time to time we draw inspiration from companies that are making old ideas work in a new, global economy. We spotted an interesting…


Information Design…Meet The Beatles

Science can enhance our experience of art- have you seen Avatar?- but it can also inform our understanding of it. For example, Information Design, pioneered by Edward Tufte and others in the 1970s and…



Edge asks: How is the internet changing the way you think?

How is the internet changing the way you think? That’s this year’s question from Edge, a nonprofit foundation, modern-day salon and informal gathering of “some of the most interesting minds in the world.” The…