Nature: Can Science Feed The World?

We don’t often repost entire articles, but after we read Nature’s series ‘Can Science Feed The World,’ we’re doing just that. As the science mag explains, “more than one billion people go hungry today, and the…



Arboform: The New Plastic?

In 1967′s The Graduate, Dustin Hoffman’s Benjamin gets cornered by a family friend and told the future is all about one word. “Are you listening?” Mr McGuire asks again. “Yes, I am,” says Benjamin. “Plastics.” An awkward pause…


Mitchell Joachim at TED: Don’t build your home, grow it!

“Why grow homes?” famed architect Mitchell Joachim asks in a recent TED presentation. “Because we can.” In the above clip, Joachim presents his vision for sustainable, organic architecture: eco-friendly homes and villages made from plants and, uh, well…meat. These…



Bike Culture In Gear

In our last post, LTT looked at the Bendy Bike, Kevin Scott’s new bendable bicycle that doubles as a bike lock too. It’s an innovative idea that isn’t likely to take the biking world by storm, but it’s…



Bike Chain Wall Clock

Ahhh, July 4th weekend. If you’re lucky, you avoided traffic, ate an entire watermelon, didn’t blow a finger off lighting a bottle rocket and- if you’re really lucky- didn’t have to look at your watch once. For most…


The man behind OK Go’s ‘Rube Goldberg machine’

When OK Go was planning its most recent viral video (profiled on this blog back in March), the band enlisted the help of Adam Sadowsky,¬†president of Syyn Labs which has a reputation for merging art…