LTT Recommends: How Can I Recycle This?

Inspiration can arrive when and where we least expect it. Take, for example, “How Can I Recycle This?”, a great web site from the U.K. that provides readers with creative ways to reuse, repurpose or recycle…


Brands: Nissan’s big push

Nissan is running a string of clever ads ahead of the release of its all-electric LEAF. The spot (above) takes the cake. It had me asking the entire commercial, “how did they do that?!” and then had…



Weeels: mobile app for sharing cabs

As my two year old will figure out at some point, sharing is a good thing. This blog, actually, has always been meant as a grown up sandbox, where we share new ideas with people who share a…



Better Shopping Carts, Better Choices?

Could better shopping carts help us make better decisions about what we eat? Researchers at New Mexico State University are studying whether simple tweaks to shopping carts could profoundly change the way we eat. In one trial, Collin Payne, an…



Products That Make It Easier To Live Well

When we launched Love Tomorrow Today, the idea was to either create or find ‘things’ that would make it easier for people to live better. It’s true, life does come at you fast, and ’living well’ relies on a…



Get More ‘Smileage’

Colorado-based Green Garage specializes in “green-tuning” cars, finding ways to make cars run cleaner, cheaper and greener. Technicians at the full-service garage, nicknamed ‘carhuggers,’ offer a 53-Point Systems inspection that identifies ways to maximize engine efficiency, they use auto…