Ursa Major


Brand Spotlight: Ursa Major

In our One DegreeTV piece Essential Oils vs Mainstream Synthetics, Lunaroma’s Leila Bringas explains how chemical-intensive products are not only confusing our senses but also posing health risks. We’re happy to…



Inspiration: Laurent Laveder’s ‘Moon Games’

VPR‘s Jane Lindholm turned us on to these images from Laurent Laveder, featured on the NPR blog ‘The Picture Show.’ Laveder, a landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist, has provided images…



iPhone App Spotlight: Locavore and DirtyProduce

Living well in the 21st century often means relying on new gadgets and technology to help you live more simply. It’s a strange contradiction, that sometimes living more sustainably, in greater harmony with nature, is made possible by…



The Roving Green Roof

In May, we did a post on the rise of “Guerilla Gardening.” As we noted then, more than half the world’s population now lives in cities, but increasingly urbanization doesn’t necessarily mean a complete break from…



Aquaponics: future of urban farming?

Almost two years ago, we wrote about how Whole Foods had become the first major retailer to announce a comprehensive set of aquaculture guidelines, adopting strict standards aimed at avoiding damage to sensitive habitats,…


Awareness! app reconnects

When we talk about this concept of ‘pace, space and interface’- an awareness of our pace of life and the places, people and products that help shape our daily choices- there’s one factor we don’t often consider: noise. Sounds,…