Pepsi helps The Gulf


Pepsi’s ‘Refresh’ Project to Support The Gulf

Pepsi is now leveraging its remarkable ‘Refresh’ Project to support communities affected by the BP oil spill. With the ‘Refresh Project,’ Pepsi has provided another powerful example of how a brand can “tap into the benefit of…



Brands: Burt’s Bees

The story of Burt’s Bees is a remarkable one, from humble beginnings in the backwoods of Maine where apiarists Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby slept in an 8′x8′ turkey coop…to today’s success as one…



German Airport To Use Bees To Monitor Air Quality

In April, we posted a story about how a UK Supermarket was installing eight ‘bee hotels’ on land around its new eco-store location in Gloucestershire. Sainsbury’s beekeeping efforts are aimed at helping to improve crop pollination…



The (re) Rise of Odwalla

Odwalla is no BP. Just about everything about the two companies is different. But could the oil giant learn a thing or two from the makers of Mango Tango? If you’re a consumer of a certain age, you…



The Living Vending Machine

Living walls allow a rural aesthetic to emerge in an urban setting. These vertical gardens, usually growing on the side of buildings, not only bring green into an otherwise brick and mortar realm but, in some case, help to…



Rethinking The Clothes Hanger

The clothes hanger is one of those household objects that must somehow be breeding in your closet. They multiply. And when they break, how many of us think to recycle them? Old hangers do sometimes find a new…