Cleveland’s recycling plans: ‘neighborly nudge’ or ‘big brother’

Starting next year, the city of Cleveland will introduce a $2.5 million hi-tech recycling monitoring system that has residents divided. Is it an example of forward-thinking city governance, nudging residents towards habits that serve the greater good? Or…


Around The World In 80 Days: the ‘Zero Race’ gets under way

It’s not quite how Jules Verne* imagined it, but teams from three continents have set off from Geneva in a race ‘around the world in 80 days.’ The ‘Zero Race,’ as it’s called, will see electric cars…



Fashion Forward: Zero-Waste In Design

These days, going green is fashionable. Literally. In recent years, an increasingly vocal segment of the fashion industry has been quietly experimenting with innovative design techniques with the aim of achieving ‘zero-waste design.’ The idea is to create…



Patagonia’s first interactive “environmental initiatives booklet”

Patagonia basically invented the concept of “corporate social responsibility.” Founder Yvon Chouinard built a brand that blended quality lifestyle products with a commitment to improving the quality of that lifestyle, investing in ways to make things better and…



Urban Frenzy & “Tranquil Restoration”

One of the great moments in urban planning came in 1853 when the New York legislature designated a 700-acre area from 59th to 106th Streets for the creation of the park. A decade earlier, Andrew Jackson Downing,…



Eco-Index Will Rate Apparel Brands

When it’s time to buy an appliance, you can check its Energy Star rating to know just how ‘eco’ that ‘eco-fridge’ is. Soon, you’ll be able to do the same with your favorite apparel brands. Approximately 100 apparel brands…