30 Million Reasons to Cheer For The Eagles

More innovative thinking in sports would be a good thing. The BCS needs a playoff. Baseball needs instant replay. Soccer should replace penalty shootouts with an overtime that saw one player from each team taken off every…



Brands: Levi Strauss’s Water-saving Jeans

Comfort comes at a price. A typical pair of jeans, for example, is washed up to ten times to give it its ‘broken in’ appearance and feel. That’s roughly 42 liters of water per pair…



Brands: Scott Naturals “tube-free” toilet paper

Talk about thinking outside the box, or…tube! Kimberly-Clark has introduced a new “tube-free” version of Scott Naturals toilet paper to be rolled out to Sam’s Club and Walmart stores in the Northeast United States next…



PepsiCo’s new ‘i-crop farming technology’

PepsiCo is testing a new web-based crop management system that allows farmers to monitor, manage and reduce their water waste and carbon emissions while optimizing crop yield. The technology has been developed in partnership with Cambridge…

NYC, back in the day


Horse-drawn Garbage Carts

In the medieval town of Peyrestortes, and dozens of other French villages like it, the squeaking brakes and grinding gears of garbage trucks have been replaced by the clip clop of horses’ hooves. These towns now enjoy…

InterContinental Boston Sous Chef Cyrille Couet at work


InterContinental Boston’s Rooftop Apiary

We recently paid a visit to the InterContinental Boston, a four-diamond hotel on Boston’s historic waterfront, which has introduced the city’s first hotel rooftop apiary. Since early summer, the hotel’s colony has grown to more than 40,000 bees,…