Whole Foods


Brands: Whole Foods 1st to Rate Cleaners

Whole Foods Market will be the first retailer in the nation to have a tiered rating system for the household cleaning products it sells. The color-coded Eco-Scale Rating System will rank products – red, orange, yellow or…


Hug Your Farmer: New York City Farming

We spotted this great video about some enterprising NYCers trying to cultivate urban farms. [Source: Petrina TV] Nourishing NYC East Harlem nourishingnyc.org Brooklyn Grange Farm Queens brooklyngrangefarm.com Bobo Greenwich Village bobonyc.com People’s Garden NYC City Hall, Manhattan peoplesgardennyc.org

Wind-Powered Cargo Ship


Wind-Powered Cargo Ships

It’s been more than a century since large industrial ships relied on wind power to cross the seas. German manufacturer SkySails is hoping to convince more shipping companies to rediscover the power of wind. It’s towing kite…



Volvo Ranked Top Sustainable Automaker…sort of

We like to read up on- but don’t always write about- the latest concept cars, the super-performing hybrids and the oddball inventions. In general, though, those cars are either



Places: Sun Moon Lake’s Green-Roofed Visitor Center

During one of our trips to Taiwan last year, a few of us were lucky enough to explore some of the country's rural beauty, including a bike ride with the Rabobank Pro Team around Sun Moon Lake. It's Taiwan's largest lake and one of its most alluring attractions, and it now also boasts an award-winning green-roofed visitor center.



Magic Hat’s Beer Into Energy

Last summer, Vermont's own Magic Hat installed technology that converts brewery waste into natural gas that can power the brewery itself. The technology has also help the brewery shave $2 off the cost of each barrel brewed. Great beer doing good things.