UK Supermarket to keep bees

Last year we wrote about UK supermarket Sainsbury’s, after it’s Gloucester location became the first to install “kinetic road plates” in its parking lot. The plates capture the energy of each car that enters and…


Brands: PepsiCo’s One Degree Changes

By Earth Day 2010, PepsiCo plans to rollout a package for its Frito-Lay SunChips snacks that is 100% compostable. The packaging innovation is part of a broad campaign by PepsiCo to reduce the…



Taiwan’s Cardboard Restaurant

It wasn’t that long ago that styrofoam came standard in packaging. A mix of consumer demand and growing awareness on the part of brands led to the eco-gregious material being largely phased out. Now, for example, Big Macs…



Nike Outfits World Cup teams in Recycled PET

The World Cup kicks off in just over three months. For those of us who care- and, by the way, of the top ten most watched sporting events on the planet, the World Cup is #1 by…


Nike Grind- turning old sneakers into tennis courts

This comes via Core77, and we’ll chalk this up as another reason Nike gets it. Since 1990, Nike has been innovating new ways to recycle old sneakers, repurposing over 25 million pairs in that time.…



Green Mountain Coffee and Ashoka’s Changemakers Launch “Revelation to Action” Competition

Green Mountain Coffee is one our favorite examples of a company who’s success is shaped by a commitment to responsible choices. Free trade is just the beginning, as the company works to “brew a better world,” with a…