“Monkey see, Monkey do” more

What makes people make one degree changes? How do we nudge people toward those greener choices? The answer, it seems, is ‘peer pressure.’ According to a number of recent studies, when we see others around…


Brands: PepsiCo’s One Degree Changes

By Earth Day 2010, PepsiCo plans to rollout a package for its Frito-Lay SunChips snacks that is 100% compostable. The packaging innovation is part of a broad campaign by PepsiCo to reduce the…



Population + Innovation

A few facts you might find interesting: the Earth’s population has doubled since the mid 1970s. Though the rate of population growth has almost halved since its peak (2.2%) in 1963, it still averaged a robust 220,988 new…



LEED Goes International

Our friends at TruexCullins, a Burlington, VT-based architecture and design firm, provided this bit of interesting blog fodder; LEED is going international. LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)…

Cash for Clunkers


LTT Opinion: 411 on “cash for clunkers”

Way back in February, we looked at the “cash for clunkers” programs already enjoying success across Europe- Germany, France, Spain, Britain…, where it goes by the slightly less stupid name of ‘scrappage incentives’- and wondered…



LTT Opinion: Social Media As New Front In Conflict on Climate?

The above video is an example of effective viral marketing, in which a short, well-made video spreads on a variety of social media platforms. I’ve seen this on Facebook and Twitter repeatedly in the…