Ursa Major


Brand Spotlight: Ursa Major

In our One DegreeTV piece Essential Oils vs Mainstream Synthetics, Lunaroma’s Leila Bringas explains how chemical-intensive products are not only confusing our senses but also posing health risks. We’re happy to…



Brands: Levi Strauss’s Water-saving Jeans

Comfort comes at a price. A typical pair of jeans, for example, is washed up to ten times to give it its ‘broken in’ appearance and feel. That’s roughly 42 liters of water per pair…



When Holiday Rituals Need Tweaking

Holidays are, by their nature, not great…for nature. It’s a time for travel, consuming more than we do otherwise and celebrating traditions that mostly originated before a modern eco-aesthetic. And we love them! But can we tweak…



VT Made – PowderJet Snowboards

“Hand built in the backwoods of Vermont…” PowderJet boards are constructed using only locally sourced, sustainably harvested woods, and non-toxic adhesives. Also, no metal edges, keeping the focus on powder. Sounds good to us.


Inspiration: Laurent Laveder’s ‘Moon Games’

VPR‘s Jane Lindholm turned us on to these images from Laurent Laveder, featured on the NPR blog ‘The Picture Show.’ Laveder, a landscape astrophotographer and astronomy journalist, has provided images…

sideways bike


SideWaysBike puts a new spin on the morning commute

While this may not qualify as a game-changing innovation, the SidewaysBike is as good a way to start the week as any. The quirky invention- watch some videos here- from Irish cyclist/tinkerer Michael Killian…