Rainbows On Command

And now for something on the lighter side. Rainbows. 2010 has been a good year for rainbows (if you haven’t seen this video about double rainbows, then…welcome back from Mars). But thanks to…



Self-sterilizing Door Handle

We’re officially into flu season, and avoiding the dreaded cold can become a full-time preoccupation. Never more so than grabbing a door handle in a public building. So we were glad to see a Red Dot Design

Screen shot 2010-12-09 at 8.58.46 AM


Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool

Based on their Considered Design Index, Nike recently released an open source version of their Environmental Apparel Design Tool to promote collaboration amongst designers and manufacturers, as well as to encourage broader adoption of sustainability…

Shopping Cart Tree


Shopping Cart Christmas Tree

File this under ‘a new spin on an old classic.’ Artist Anthony Schmitt has created a 33-foot-tall holiday tree by stacking old shopping carts. The Christmas Tree is made out of mostly full size carts,…


LTT & The ‘City Inn Plus’ Hotel Project
Taipei, Taiwan

LTT & The ‘Taipei City Inn Plus’ Project from lovetomorrowtoday on Vimeo. In Taiwan, development usually means tearing down a building and putting up something new, not repurposing an old one. So, when we were approached to…



Stackable CityCars

A tip of the hat to the late William J. Mitchell, who until his death in June of this year directed Media Lab‘s Smart Cities Group at MIT. One of his ideas, the…