Places: Sun Moon Lake’s Green-Roofed Visitor Center

During one of our trips to Taiwan last year, a few of us were lucky enough to explore some of the country's rural beauty, including a bike ride with the Rabobank Pro Team around Sun Moon Lake. It's Taiwan's largest lake and one of its most alluring attractions, and it now also boasts an award-winning green-roofed visitor center.

Message Stickers


Brands: HU2′s decals with eco-messages

UK-based HU2 has created a line of wall decals that serve as illustrative reminders to conserve energy. Made of PVC-free vinyl and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, HU2 products are available online for shipping worldwide. These whimsical designs might…

Theo Jansen's 'creatures'


Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Sculptures

We love these weird and wonderful examples of sustainability expressed through contemporary art. Theo Jansen’s intricate creations, he calls them “kinetic sculptures,” have roamed London’s Trafalgar Square, the streets of MadridNorth Adams Massachusetts,



Design Turns Retired Bridge Into Vertical Village

The winning design for repurposing a soon to be decommissioned bridge on the Reggio Calabria Highway in Italy. The self-supporting "village" would include a geothermal plant, rainwater capture and a heating system that runs on methane from a waste biodigestor.



Seed Paper Packaging

As we develop our own products, we keep a keen eye out for inspiration in thoughtful innovation. Case in point, a project by Ben Huttly, an art student from the UK, who has created packaging that isn't just biodegradable and recyclable, it can be planted. Eat those veggies, then plant some more in your garden.



WeWOOD’s Watches Made From Waste Wood

WeWOOD’s new collection of watches is made from 100% reclaimed wood, discarded during the manufacturing of flooring and musical instruments. In addition to the repurposing of waste wood, WeWOOD also plants one tree for every watch purchased.…