Volvo Ranked Top Sustainable Automaker…sort of

We like to read up on- but don’t always write about- the latest concept cars, the super-performing hybrids and the oddball inventions. In general, though, those cars are either

green-roof-norway (8)


Scandinavia’s Green Roof Revival

The concept of a green roof is nothing new in Scandinavia, where homes have been covered with sod and bark since the age of the Vikings (and before). By the 19th century, modern materials (iron, slate, etc…)…

flume lights


Discarded Trees > Lamps & Sconces

Check out these lamps and wall sconces made from discarded trees, designed by et al. Collaborative. Tree trunks and branches adorned by a single lightbulb.



Packaging: Single Serve Spaghetti

The concept of using single-serve packaging to reduce waste is nothing new. But a graphic design student in England- have you noticed all the good packaging ideas are coming from England these days? – may have cracked…

Shadow eBike


Daymark’s Wireless Shadow eBike

It was the snowiest February on record around here, and there’s more on the way. But spring isn’t far off, and we’re already gearing up for bike season. We’ve done a number of



QR Codes At Bus Stops

A Norwegian transit company is using QR codes at bus stops and on maps to provide a more efficient and sociable mass transit experience.