The Copenhagen Wheel: magic hubcap for any bicycle

In our last post, we described Graham Hill’s ThinBike as one fewer excuse not to ride a bicycle. The sleek design, which allows the handlebars to twist and lock sideways and the pedals to fold down, makes the bike…



Products That Make It Easier To Live Well

When we launched Love Tomorrow Today, the idea was to either create or find ‘things’ that would make it easier for people to live better. It’s true, life does come at you fast, and ’living well’ relies on a…



Patagonia’s first interactive “environmental initiatives booklet”

Patagonia basically invented the concept of “corporate social responsibility.” Founder Yvon Chouinard built a brand that blended quality lifestyle products with a commitment to improving the quality of that lifestyle, investing in ways to make things better and…



SF’s Parking Meter That Charges Based on Supply & Demand

With everything from mandatory recycling and composting to hybrid ferries to Alcatraz, few cities in America are so aggressively chasing innovation in sustainability as San Francisco. Now the city is testing a parking system that adjusts the…



Intel, Kohl’s, Whole Foods top list of green energy purchases

Intel, Khol’s and Whole Foods retained their top spots as the “biggest buyers of renewable energy in the U.S.,” as more companies and governments continue to partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to increase their…



The PowerPad: harnessing the energy of your shower

The Chinese household appliance giant Haier has unveiled a new system at SinoCES that harnesses waste heat from shower water and transfers energy to the hot water tank. The PowerPad, as it’s called, captures 15% of…