Hug Your Farmer: Pete’s Greens

LTT spent time with Peter Johnson, owner and innovator at Pete’s Greens in Craftsbury, VT. Pete talks about his remarkable four-season organic farm, how the local food movement is helping to revive this area of Vermont and how, if they…



ThinkEco’s Modlet

ThinkEco's modlet communicates with a PC and tracks how much energy electronics use and allows the user to schedule things to turn off at set times.



“Against Dumb” Purchases

The psychology of shopping is fascinating- how marketing can influence buying decisions, how product placement in a store can convert into sales. The sensory barrage is different online than in a store, but are we more or less likely…

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LTT Gift Guide: Darn Tough Socks

Looking for a good stocking stuffer this year? Earlier this year, we reposted an interesting piece in the Burlington Free Press on  Cabot Hosiery Mills, makers of Darn Tough socks. The…

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LTT Gift Guide: Ursa Major’s Stellar Shave Cream

File this one under “For Him.” Ursa Major is a new men’s skin care brand from Vermont getting a lot of buzz. Their first product – Stellar Shave Cream – is 99% natural, free of sulfates, as well…

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Nike’s Environmental Apparel Design Tool

Based on their Considered Design Index, Nike recently released an open source version of their Environmental Apparel Design Tool to promote collaboration amongst designers and manufacturers, as well as to encourage broader adoption of sustainability…