Volvo Ranked Top Sustainable Automaker…sort of

We like to read up on- but don’t always write about- the latest concept cars, the super-performing hybrids and the oddball inventions. In general, though, those cars are either

Shadow eBike


Daymark’s Wireless Shadow eBike

It was the snowiest February on record around here, and there’s more on the way. But spring isn’t far off, and we’re already gearing up for bike season. We’ve done a number of


Hug Your Farmer: The Future of How We Eat

At the heart of the good food movement- local foods, innovation in sustainable and community supported farming- are the seeds of an idea that we are what we eat, that in supporting local farmers we're supporting our own health and the strength of our communities. This idea is was fuels people like Tom Stearns, owner of High Mowing Organic Seeds in Wolcott, Vermont. Tom is helping to forge a new model for economic growth in agriculture, and his company is quite literally at the root of the growth of the organic food movement in this country.

Message Stickers


Brands: HU2′s decals with eco-messages

UK-based HU2 has created a line of wall decals that serve as illustrative reminders to conserve energy. Made of PVC-free vinyl and shipped in eco-friendly packaging, HU2 products are available online for shipping worldwide. These whimsical designs might…



Magic Hat’s Beer Into Energy

Last summer, Vermont's own Magic Hat installed technology that converts brewery waste into natural gas that can power the brewery itself. The technology has also help the brewery shave $2 off the cost of each barrel brewed. Great beer doing good things.



WeWOOD’s Watches Made From Waste Wood

WeWOOD’s new collection of watches is made from 100% reclaimed wood, discarded during the manufacturing of flooring and musical instruments. In addition to the repurposing of waste wood, WeWOOD also plants one tree for every watch purchased.…